Surfer SEO Review: How I Took The Number 1 Position By Deleting 85% Of My Pages Content

Surfer SEO review & case study:

I was recently playing around with Surfer SEO and came across some pretty unusual advice.

When reviewing one of my most comprehensive pieces of content, my SEMRush review which had 26,000 words, according to Surfer SEO’s advice I needed to...

….delete 22,000 words!

This was crazy to me!

But then I decided to delve a little deeper and was intrigued to find that they might actually be right. So I went ahead and did what they suggested.

The results…

Were absolutely gob smacking! Watch the video to see exactly what happened.

(you'll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

🎞️ - Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction To The Surfer SEO Review
01:01 Surfer SEO’s Advice
01:48 What I Did
02:55 The Results

⚙️ - Resources In The Video
Surfer SEO Review -
My SEO blog -

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