Drop In Search Traffic? Watch This Video Immediately – Unboxed SEO 003

Has your website suffered a huge drop in search traffic?

I am going to show you precisely what you should do to fix it in this episode of Unboxed SEO.

We are going to cover-

✔️ Search traffic killing popups
✔️ Easy structured data optimization
✔️ How to increase website speed in 5 minutes
✔️ How to find & remove bad backlinks
✔️ How to create a simple link building strategy

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🎞️ - Video Chapters
00:00 - Introduction
00:14 - First Impressions Count
03:10 - Fundamental SEO Errors
08:36 - Search Traffic Killing Popups
11:11 - Google Authenticity Signals
15:46 - Easy Structured Data Optimization
18:24 - How To Increase Website Speed In 5 Minutes
23:35 - How To Find & Remove Bad Backlinks
26:21 - How To Build A Simple Link Building Strategy
33:33 - Wrapping It Up

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